Thursday, January 29, 2009


So I was driving downtown today on my way to jury duty, when a parked car caught my eye. It stood out because it had the word "PSYCHIC" painted on the side in giant letters. 

I started to think about the irony of trusting the predictions of some stranger who claimed to know your future, while ignoring a Creator who really does know everything about you- and loves you anyway. 

Then I started getting irked at the audacity of the psychic/scammer who takes people's cash and feeds them hooey.  

Then I noticed that the car also had a giant dent in it.

At that point, all I could think was, "I guess you didn't see that one coming." 


katdish said...

"hooey"? Hey! Do you kiss you wife with that pottymouth?!

Regular hot or extra hot wing?

Ken Hasekamp said...

GREAT thought. Man, you can be so deep sometimes. Of course, I am going to use it as a joke in a sermon. Hope it is a true story, cause I am telling as such. Will only use your first name to protect your family! Love you, brother. DUDE, I miss you guys. Maranatha!

Clyde Sdale said...

Seems I read this somewhere before...