Friday, March 16, 2007

Happily Unstructured

Just a little note to invite you to check out the link on the side bar of this blog. Clicking on it will take you to another page that contains, well, "Extra Stuff" just like the title implies. It might be an article or a section of a book; it might be an addendum to a regular "Convergence" entry; it might be pictures of the family or a recipe for hot wings- who knows? One thing is certain: it will reflect a happily unstructured format that I'm sure will be conducive to all people who don't mind a train of thought that stops at a few extra stations. The link includes the date I update it, so you'll always know if there's new stuff without having to click on it.

I've also been asked if there is a way to send an automatic notification when this blog gets updated. That might be possible, but I'm still not sure exactly how. If you are savvy with that type of thing and know of a way, I'd appreciate a few pointers. Talk to you soon!



1 comment:

Kathy said...

Hey there!

I'm looking forward to your next post. I went to the other Jeff convergence blog. He's still around. Keep praying for him and keep up the good fight.

Keeping it real,