Thursday, March 1, 2007

An "In Between" Post...

Hey everybody!

I wanted to post a quick note just to let you know that a "real" entry is coming soon, but is still a couple of days away.

Our family had a visitor from Houston on Tuesday evening and I was with him at a funeral in another part of Ohio on Wednesday. Perhaps I'll share more on that later. For now I'll just say that some funerals are truly special events, when God somehow allows the paradox of great sorrow and overwhelming joy to exist side by side. This was one of those events, and I feel grateful to have been there.

I returned from the funeral early Wednesday evening and polished off a paper I have been writing for my current class. As a result, I haven't found a big enough block of time just to sit down and write out what is on my heart this week. No excuses, though- just catching you up on my week. I am heading to Cincinnati right now and will be home again around 1:00 Friday morning. After a little sleep, I'll get to work on the new entry.

I truly hope that you have experienced God in a real way this week- I know that honest community with Him is something He very much desires from us. Since we are created in His image, it explains why we too have a deep inner need to be in community with each other. With that in mind, if you have a story you'd like to share, or just want to catch us up on what is going on in your world, please feel free to post a comment. I have thoroughly enjoyed reading the comments so far, and look forward to seeing this community develop even more. I'll talk to you soon!

In Him We Live,



Cheryl said...

God has been busy in my life this week. He answered prayers concerning my youngest sons job-which is a huge blessing, but, the answer that makes my heart skip a beat?? My oldest has been very sick, and I told him that our Life Group would pray for his which I always add "God, let him see YOUR healing power in all this, that he acknowledges prayers are answered!"
I received a voice mail from him saying he is much better, and "I guess those prayers really do work" YEAH...I did a happy dance. Glory once again to God!!!
Will wait for that new post with much anticipation!

Anonymous said...

a visitor from houston. is there a mystery here?

Jeff said...

No mystery. His name is Jeremy. He's a buddy. He was here for the funeral.
Sorry- that's not very "clandestine", is it?