Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Questions- Part One

Hey there! 

Yup, I'm alive. It's been awhile since you saw a new post here on Convergence, and I'm sorry for that. These days I'm working with a fantastic group of peeps, meeting in homes and preparing for the launch of Convergence Christian Church, or "C3" if you don't want to write it all out.

Oh, and I'm asking lots of questions.

It seems to me that ministry in general, and church planting in particular, fills my world with a constant flow of questions. Really, there's way too many for me to even give an example that would be representative. Anyway, I was just out perusing the blog world and I came across a fantastic post by blogger extraordinaire, Anne Jackson. What I liked so much about it, was that it was a question. 

Since she writes that she stole it from her "nashville-book-publisher-ceo-friend Mr. Michael Hyatt," I'm hoping she doesn't mind if I steal it from her.

Here's the question:

What would you do if you were brave?

Don't wait for further explanation; it's not coming. What is your gut answer to this question?



katdish said...

I would get on an airplane, fly to Nigeria and help my friend Mare.

More immediately, I would probably eat all the leftovers in my refrigerator.

P.S. - I actually didn't think it was possible for you to write a blog post shorter than the Reader's Digest version of "War and Peace", so congrats!

Jeff said...

Thanks. I'm quite pleased too. And since I've got lots of questions, I could write several more posts for this series. Of course, I won't do too many like this one- I wouldn't want to give people the wrong idea of what they're getting into when they visit this blog!

p.s.- Having seen your fridge, I'm not sure which of the things you wrote about would require more courage...

katdish said...

Oh, come ON! If you peel the thin, fuzzy layer off of that tuna noodle casserole, it's perfectly edible! Don't be such a girl!

And I think I want to change my answer. Not because I wouldn't go visit Mare -- I would. In fact, it really would not require much convincing. I'd do it tomorrow if the opportunity arose. So, if understand the tone of your question, what you're really asking is, "What is something that you know you should be doing, but your fear keeps you from?" So here's my answer:

I would witness to my family (and you know the family I'm referring to) with the same boldness and openess that I am able to express with my family at C3. That intimidates me because on some level, I turn back into the goofy, youngest sister who never seems to get anything right. Intellectually, I know better, but some wounds are pretty deep.

Jeff said...

There really is no "wrong" answer here, and like I said, I'm not giving any more of an explanation of the question. It's sort of like a song by Seal: you assign a meaning to it and respond accordingly.

Okay, so it's nothing like a song by Seal.

Still, there truly isn't a "wrong" answer. I'm really just interested in everybody's thoughts on this.

And both your answers are great, by the way, because they're honest, and THAT takes courage.

Matt @ The Church of No People said...

I've asked myself a similar question, 'what would I do for God, if nothing else mattered.' You know how there are some people who just act like they don't care about anything at all? I wish I were like that.

heartafire said...

My gut answer?
I AM brave.

heartafire said...

The link to Mare doesn't work.